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  1. Ana Johnsson:[we are]

  2. Angela Ammons:[always getting over you]

  3. Blue:[best in me]

  4. Britney Spears:[autumn goodbye],[girl in the mirror][walk on by],[when I found you]

  5. Britt Nicole:[say it]

  6. Brooke Fraser:[faithful]

  7. Carpenters:[(they long to be) close to you]

  8. Carrie Underwood:[jesus,take the wheel]

  9. Cascada:[truly,madly,deeply]

  10. Corinne Bailey Rae:[put your records on]

  11. Craig David:[unbelievable],[you dont miss your water],[rise and fall],[kinda girl for me]

  12. Daniel Powter:[bad day],[love you lately]

  13. Daughtry:[home]

  14. Dixie Chicks:[not ready to make nice]

  15. Eminem:[lose yourself],[rock bottom]

  16. Evanescence:[taking over me],[bring me to life]

  17. Fefe Dobson:[everything]

  18. Fergie:[big girls dont cry],[fergalicious]

  19. Fort Minor:[believe me]

  20. Gareth Gates:[anyone of us]

  21. Hanson:[I will come to you]

  22. Hilary Duff:[the getaway],[so yesterday],[last christmas],[someones watching over me]

  23. Hoobastank:[the reason]

  24. Jamelia:[superstar]

  25. James Blunt:[youre beautiful]

  26. Jason Mraz:[geek in the pink]

  27. Jesse Mccartney:[take your sweet time],[why is love so hard to find],[just so you know],[invincible]

  28. Jet:[look what youve done]

  29. Jewel:[fragile heart],[deep water],[down so long]

  30. JoJo:[exceptional],[leave(get out)],[never say goodbye]

  31. Jordan Pruitt:[outside looking in],[when I pretend]

  32. Katharine Mcphee:[over it]

  33. Kelly Clarkson:[because of you]

  34. KT Tunstall:[other side of the world]

  35. Lene Marlin:[Its true],[sitting down here]


  1. Lillix:[Its about time],[promises]

  2. Lindsay Lohan:[something I never had]

  3. Linkin Park:[in the end]

  4. Lionel Richie:[I call it love]

  5. Mandy Moore:[walk me home]

  6. Maria Arredondo:[burning],[that day]

  7. Mariah Carey:[hero]

  8. Marie Picasso:[this moment],[out of my hands]

  9. Marion Raven:[end of me]

  10. Micheal Jackson:[you are not alone]

  11. Mutya Buena:[real girl]

  12. Natasha Bedingfield:[unwritten]

  13. Ne-Yo:[so sick],[because of you]

  14. Nick Lachey:[whats left of me],[where you are(Jessica Simpson)]

  15. Pink:[who knew],[Im not dead]

  16. Rascal Flatts:[my wish]

  17. RBD:[tu amor]

  18. Rob Thomas:[ever the same]

  19. Ronan Keating:[all over again]

  20. Sarah Connor:[just one last dance]

  21. Savage Garden:[truly madly deeply],[I know I love you],[living the dream]

  22. Shakira:[underneath your clothes]

  23. Shayne Ward:[thats my goal]

  24. Sheryl Crow:[good is good],[always on your side]

  25. Spice Girls:[goodbye],[too much],[viva forever]

  26. Sweetbox:[after the lights],[life is cool],[crown of thorns],[every step]

  27. T.A.T.U:[all about us],[gomenasai]

  28. Tata Young:[I think of you]

  29. Taylor Swift:[the outside] All-American Rejects:[stab my back],[straightjacket feeling]

  30. The Pussycat Dolls:[stickwitu]

  31. The Veronicas:[when it all falls apart]

  32. The Rasmus:[in the shadows],[guilty]

  33. Venke Knutson:[scared],[panic],[in2u]

  34. Vitamin C:[graduation(friends forever)]

  35. Westlife:[if your hearts not in it],[bop bop baby]

  适合生日的英文歌:Best In Me


  发迹于英国伦敦的Blue组合,由Duncan James(唐肯)、Antony Costa(安东尼)、Lee Ryan(李)和Simon Webbe(西蒙)四个大男孩组成。四人中,只有Simon一人拥有黑人血统;Lee的年龄最小,最能把歌中的高音推向高潮;唐肯的嗓音最富有磁性;而安东尼的低音则让人回味无穷。

  2001年5月,Blue以一支饶富都会节奏感的《All Rise》,以平地一声雷之姿抢滩2001年初英国金榜Top 4,并高居点播榜Top10五周。接下来的《Too Close》及《If You Come Back》二首单曲成绩更是惊人,不但均拿下排行冠军,在销量上也都有超过20万张的斩获。

  随着一首首成功的佳绩,专辑《All Rise》也随着一波波越涨越高的气势,倒吃甘蔗般的在英国卖出了超过150万的销量,并在发行23周之后登上排行冠军的宝座。这张由天王制作人Stargate与摩城传奇Jimmy Ruffin之子Ray Ruffin携手打造、在英国及挪威两地完成的首辑中,展现了Blue超龄的声音演出,从让人狂放摇摆的《All Rise》、《Fly By》、《This Temptation》,到舒缓轻柔的《Long Time》、《Best In Me》,每首歌都让人对于Blue的超实力歌艺耳目一新。




  From the moment I met you当我见你的那一刻

  I just knew youd be mine我就知道你属于我

  You touched my hand 你碰了我的手

  And I knew that this was gonna be our time我知道我们的世界开始了

  I dont ever wanna lose this feeling我不想失去这种幸福感

  I dont wanna spend a moment apart我一刻也不想与你分开

  Cause you bring out the best in me只因为你激发了我最优秀的潜能

  Like no-one else can do其他人都无法做到

  Thats why Im by your side这就是我一直陪在你身边的原因

  And thats why I love you这就是我爱你的原因

  Every day that Im here with you每天我和你在一起

  I know that it feels right我都感觉很幸福

  And Ive just got to be near you我只是不断靠近你

  Every day and every night 每一日每一夜

  And you know that we belong together你知道的 我们终究在一起了

  It just had to be you and me我们注定会在一起

  Cause you bring out the best in me因为你使我呈现出就优秀的自己

  Like no-one else can do就象其他人所不能做的

  Thats why Im by your side这就是我在你身边的原因

  And thats why I love you这就是我爱你的原因