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  My Shopping Experience

  Once I was in Beijing, I went shopping in the Front Gate Walking Street, for I wanted to buy some souvenirs for my friends.


  There were so many things on sale that I didnt know what to buy. Suddenly, I saw two statues which looked so beautiful. I decided to buy them. So I asked the price. Its twenty yuan each, said the boss. I tried to make a bargain with him. He refused at first, but when I was going to leave, he stopped me and said, OK, you can have both of them at ten yuan. Therefore, I bought both of them home at last.


  I was very happy on that day, because it was the first time that I had made a bargain with a businessman so successfully.



  B: Yeah, Actually Im looking for a necklace for my girlfriend. Tomorrows our anniversary.

  A: That is so sweet! Ill help you to find the one that shell love.

  B: Really Thanks!

  A: Sure. So do you like a gold one, or a crystal one

  B: I think crystals better because Its kind of pure, and my girlfriend is very much like crystal.

  A: Okay. I think this heart-shaped one is special.

  B: Hmmm. Let me take a look. Yeah, its pretty. but whats so special about it

  A: you see, normally a crystal pendant is on a gold or silver chain. But this one is on a fabric strap. This is what makes this necklace special and standing out of the crowd. Its fashionate, too.

  B: Yeah I see what you mean. I think Ill take it. Could you gift-wrap it

  A: No problem. How would you like to pay

  B: credit card please.

  A: okay. Heres your package, and heres your receipt. You need to sign this for me also.

  B: alright, sign here

  A: yeah.

  B: there you go.

  A: Okay you are all set to go. Happy anniversary.


  Today, my mother asked me to go to the jiaxin market to buy food. I took the money from my mother and left home happily.

  I was beginning to get butterflies in my stomach when I didnt have a garden in the city. I thought: what if the money falls out What do you do when you wait for a meal A lot of how to do it in my head. But when I saw the view beside me, my mind gradually calmed down.

  To jixin market. I looked at it. Wow! A lot of food! I dont know what to buy! I thought: if you dont know what to buy, youd better buy less. Ill pick my pick! At last, two bundles of cabbages were selected. I also want to buy some food, I like mushrooms, I want to buy some mushrooms to serve myself. So, my aunt who asked for a price asked for a small bag, carefully selected mushrooms. Come on! Give the money, total 3 pieces 3 square cent money, give money, I have full load!

  Because the first time I bought the dishes very well, my mother told me to buy food.



  Buy the most cost-effective once, family unit hair quality goods LouHuaNong with extremely low get up terrorist taobao sell good play...


  During that time, I have no matter to do, everyday stay home online, vigorously over the dead baby, the seller cosmetics is first time to sell things DD, although very good value, but about her baby dont know how to take more eye-catching headlines, as if she is needless up a cosmetics 15 to 45 now preferential as name, ascend in the above a few days also deserted, even he who looks like all have no result, I at that time is enough than resignation1 land, some go to see it once, result, is I cleans out treasure to...


  The price I didnt talk, lest by everyone playing...


  Things I get counters to inspected, although before I myself also bought, but still went, BA after looking say with me: to be genuine. The BA acquaintance, cant cheat me, so I can count used, very happy ~


  Still once bought a going abroad the JJ idle transfer change meters a bottle of new EL huan wage-earners, 100ML canister, 150 bales express to give me, and quality goods ~


  She log on to this bottle of perfume, things showed less than 15 minutes into my ZeiYan, so is not others grab, great to the fullest ah ~ ~